DNA Sequencing Service


Yaazh Xenomics, providing most reliable  Sanger DNA Sequencing services to the researchers / scientist at different industries like pharmaceutical, clinical, Healthcare,  biotechnology, academic and government institutions.  With our motto of providing “Latest Technology at the Lowest Price”, Yaazh Xenomics is the leading trusted partner of researchers and Students in the Genomic and other latest technology testing market.

We are well equipped to handling all complexities of DNA sequencing including single tube, 96 well plate, high-throughput, standard, complex, and custom projects.  Our mission is to serve the researchers to make Breakthrough.

We offer DNA sequencing using state-of-the-art latest technology instruments to generate best quality of sequence data at affordable economic prices. We did sequencing of PCR products, plasmids, and BACs from the customers from  all over India and from other countries also. DNA sequencing services are best by the quality of data,  turnaround time and competitive prices.

DNA sequencing:

It is the process used to determine the nucleotide order/sequence of the  DNA fragment. Most of the DNA sequencing performed by using the chain termination method which was developed by the scientist Frederick Sanger. This technique uses sequence specific termination reaction of a DNA synthesis reaction using a modified nucleotide substrates. Two strands of DNA are sequenced separately for generating both forward and reverse sequences.

In every living thing, the sequence of the DNA encodes all the necessary information required for the survival and reproduction. Determining that sequence is, therefore, more useful in fundamental and advance research to determining why and how organisms live. Because of this key nature of DNA, knowledge of the DNA sequence may come in useful in practically most of the biological research.

Standard Sequencing Single tube or 96 well Plate:

For the customers with low workload, they can provide samples in a single tube whereas if the customers work load is huge they can give   the large number of samples in 96-well plates. Samples can be sent as unpurified or Purified PCR Product or Purified DNA. 

Difficult DNA Template Sequencing

Sequencing method for obtaining high quality results, improving the phenomenon of the signal loss or interruption at a certain point caused by repeated sequence, secondary structure, GC or AT region