How to ship samples to you?

Courier the samples to Chennai or Mumbai Office. Before sending please conform with us where to send & after sending please give the courier details to track your samples.

Download Sequencing Form, Fill Maximum details and send along with the samples to process your samples faster. If you give more details the results will be better.

Also send the sample details, Sequencing Form & courier details to below email id:

suresh@yaazhxenomics.com / info@yaazhxenomics.com

Need to send the samples with cool pack/Dry Ice?

For normal microbial samples you can send it in Room temperature. If it is PCR product we recommend to send it with one cool pack.  If Dry ice require for the PCR product it is recommended to send with dry ice.

Any direct sample collection facility available?

Yes, If more samples are with you we can come and collect the samples directly in the selected cities.

How long are my samples kept in Yaazh Xenomics storage facility?

Basically we keep them for one month, and on special request, we extend this to be three months.

Do you accept Direct Microbial Samples?

Yes, Microbial samples in agar plate or tube or Glycerol stock (1:1 ratio)

After sequence technical support available with you?

We are having team of scientist they will provide support for your technical queries.

You can mail your queries to parthi@yaazhxenomics.com / info@yaazhxenomics.com

What is the Payment Terms?

100% advance or Payment before the result delivery.

How to Make the payment?

You can send DD/Cheque along with the samples in Favour of “Yaazh Xenomics”

For cash payment or Online transfer use below account:
Name : Yaazh Xenomics
Account number : 50200012952160
Bank : HDFC bank,
Branch : West veli street, Madurai
Account Type : Current Account.


What is the Turnaround time?

For PCR Product Sequencing: 2-4 working days from the date of sample arrival.

It may take 1~2 more working days in case of primer synthesis or purification or any other additional work.

16s rRNA / 18s rRNA Sequencing:  5 – 7 working days from the date of sample arrival

Customized Gene study: 7- 10 working days from the date of sample arrival

Next Generation Sequencing: Normally 3 to 6 weeks (Depends up on the project and Gene size time may vary)

Universal Primers are Available with you?

Yes, we have more than 30 Universal Primers Which we provide free of cost for PCR & sequencing.

How to send the primers along with the template DNA?

We recommend the primers to be sent in separate tubes with template DNA so that we can adjust the amount of primer.

Concentration of plasmid / PCR product
Minimum 20ul of 100ng/ul(plasmids, unpurified PCR products) or 50ng/ul(purified PCR products) are required for a couple of reactions.

DNA Template Requirements   
1) Purity: Gel or column purifed               
2) Concentration: a) PCR products (30-50ng/µl),b)Plasmids (100-150ng/µl), c)Genomic DNA (> 500ng/µl)
3) Volume: At least 10 µl in distilled water            

Concentration of Primer
20ul with concentration of 10pmole can cover 5 reactions. Please increase 10pmole each time the number of reactions is increasing.
We recommend the quality of HPLC or PAGE purified primers for sequencing reactions, but OPC is o.k as long as it can guarantee the equivalent quality. About 17-25 mer, 40~60% of GC content and less than 4bp of dimer formation or hair-pin formation are recommended to guarantee high end stability. Tm is required about 50~60°C, because annealing temperature is fixed at 50°C. Primer concentration should be known before sequencing reactions.
Primer Requirements                                   
1) Design: At least 18 bp long with a Tm > 45oC,  G-C content 30-80% (prefer 50-55%)     
2) Purity: Desalted          
3) Concentration: 10 µM              
4) Volume:  At least 5 µl in distilled water             


16s rRNA sequencing how may base pairs we get in the result?

1,500bp or longer sequence is guaranteed for domain bacteria

How Fungi identification can be done?

We do 18s rRNA ITS region sequencing and we can find out the similarity of customer's microorganism with microorganism in NCBI & with other bioinformatics software tools.

What are formats you will provide sequence results?

Sequence results we will provide in different formats

*.ab1 – Sequencing instrument generated original file (Sequence details with chromatogram)

*.pdf – Same system file result (Result with chromatogram)

*.txt – Sequence details in text format (Without Chromatogram)

Along with Sequence result we will provide quality score file and bioinformatics analysis files.

What are the details you provide in bioinformatics analysis?

1.Contig sequence (Forward and Reverse sequence Merged data) in details (Image &txt format)

2.Blast Results for Contig & Individual.

3.Phylogenetic  Tree

Do you accept Customized projects also?

Yes, if you provide the details of the gene, PCR conditions and Primer details then we do that sample process.

Do you return the samples after sequencing?

No, we do not provide PCR samples after sequencing. We store it for 1 month. If any other analysis needs to be done with in that period we can do it. On request we can store the sample for 3months.

What kind of sequencing machines you use?

We use Applied Biosystem instrument – ABI PRISM 3730XL as well as ABI3700. (96 Capillary Type)

What PCR Machine you use?

MJ Research PTC-225 Peltier Thermal Cycler & Biorad Thermal Cycler

For Sequencing which Kit you are using?

ABI PRISM® BigDyeTM Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kits

What Extraction Kit you areusing?

InstaGene Matrix(Bio-Rad, USA).

What is the average read length?

We read approximately ~900bp per reaction, and 650bp of them has Phred 20 or higher quality.