Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)

FTIR is a technique uses the Infra Red waves to obtain the spectrum of Absorption, Photoconductivity, Emission or Raman scattering of a Solid, Liquid or Gas in a wide spectral range.

In infrared spectroscopy, Infra Red radiation is passed through a sample. In that Some of the radiation is absorbed, and some of the radiation is passed through (transmitted) by the sample. It gives the spectrum that represents the molecular absorption / transmission, it is like the sample molecular fingerprint. Like a fingerprint molecular structures are unique, different components will not produce the same infra red spectrum. It makes the infrared spectroscopy more useful for several types of analysis.

This instrument covers the wavelength range from wave number range from 4000 cm−1 to 660 cm−1.


This is a simple and reliable technique. It is used in both organic and inorganic chemistry. This technique mostly used in research and various industries.

  • Identification of unknown materials.
  • Determination of quality or consistency of a sample.
  • Determination of amount of components in a mixture.


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