Sequencing Service

Yaazh Xenomics has launched nanopore sequencing as a service from Jan-18 onwards. Now we invite researchers to complete all your genomics projects in rapid-turnaround time using ultra-long read length, direct nanopore DNA / RNA sequencing.

Yaazh Xenomics will process all your samples using the latest MinION nanopore sequencer. Soon going to launch GridION nanopore sequencer.

Yaazh Xenomics works with researchers from all over the world. we offers complete genomics services including Genomic extraction, library preparation, sequencing and Bioinformatics analysis.

Yaazh Xenomics has a strong background in microbial genomics and we helps in exploring the vast potential of Nanopore technology for fast real-time assays, genomic structure, DNA barcoding, large amplicon sequence and metagenomics analysis.

Oxford Nanopore technology provides real-time, direct sequencing of DNA and RNA. Read lengths depend on sample preparation; the longest single read using nanopore sequencing is now approaching 1 Mb. This has mainly benefits when assembling large, complex genomes, resolving structural variation or wishing to explore large metagenomic (study microbial diversity).

Interested in nanopore sequencing services Contact D.Suresh Lingam, Project Manager NGS at yaazh xenomics via / or +91-9043755205.


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