Other Services


Molecular Assays

DNA Analysis
Restriction digest analysis
PCR product analysis
Gene expression analysis
GMO detection
RNA Analysis
Analysis of total RNA
Ribosomal RNA contamination in mRNA samples
Detection of low levels of RNA
Analysis of Cy5 labeled samples
Analysis of RNA transcripts
Protein Analysis
Protein expression
Analysis of protein purification
Optimization of protein purification
Antibody Analysis
Fast analysis of proteins between 5-50 kDA

Cytogentic Assays

Primary cell culture
Chromosome harvestinng, slide making, and standard trypsin -Giemsa banding of mitotic tumor cells or cell lines.
Human / mammalian cells and other cell culture as required for the analyses
Standard analysis of metaphase chomosomes using G- banding technique.
Characterize tumor relaated cell lines for chromosome rearrangement.
Special studies using a variety of banding techniques including G, C, and R.
Sister Chromatid Exchange(SCE) / Aberration Assay
Study of chromosomal instability or aberrations due to radiation or mutagen treatments.
Potential DNA damage
Chromosomal aberrations such as breaks, gaps, large deletions, dicentrics, chromosomal fragmentations, and complex rearrangements.

Bio Assay Services

Toxicology Assay
Apoptosis Assay
Cytotoxicity Assay (MMTT / XTT / MTS / NRU / NHK- NRU)
Cell Viability (MTT) / Cell Proliferation (BrdU) / Cell Survival (Bcl/Bax/NFKB)
Cell Cycle Progression (CDK2 / CDK4 / p53)
Genotoxicity Assay (SSCE / NOR / AgNOR / COMET)
Brine Shrimp Lethality (in vivo)
Antioxidant Assay
ABTS radical scavenging
Nitric-oxide scavenging
Superoxide anion scavenging (PMS-NADH system)
DPPH radical scavenging
Hydroxyl radical scavvenging
ORAC (hydrophilic)
Anti Diabetic Assay
IKK-β (NF-B kinase) inhibition
Glucose-6-Phosphatase inhibition
P70S6kinase inhibition
a - Glucosidase inhibittion
Antiobesity Assays
a - Amylase inhibitioon
PTP-IB inhibition
Anticataract Assays
Aldose Reductase inhhibition
Na+ - K+ - ATPase activity
Malondialdehyde (MDA) inhibition
Anti inflammatory / Antiallergy Assays
HRBC membrane stabbilization
15 - Lipoxygenase inhhibition
Trypsin inhibition
PLA2 inhibition
Nitric Oxide scavenging
LTB4 release
Histamine release usinng RBL-2H3
Antiageing / Antiwrinkling Asssays
Collagenase inhibitionn
Elastase inhibition
Hyaluronidase inhibition
Elastin release using IMR-90
Collagen release usingg NIH-3T3 new
Antimicrobial Assays
Anti-Bacterial / Fungaal Susceptibility (MIC50 or MIC90)
Antibiotic susceptibility test or Antibiogram
Resazurin Assay (Microtitre-plate)
Time-Kill kinetics
Post-Antibiotic Effect


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