18s rRNA Sequencing

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Currently, 18s rRNA Sequencing study is getting more popular to define Fungi and Algae species by Using Sequence information. We Yaazh Xenomics, usually sequences the 18s rRNA ITS region to identify the fungi and algae. We usually use the ITS1/ITS4 primer for amplifying and sequencing of ITS region. If not amplifying in the above said primers we use ITS2, ITS3 and ITS5 primer combinations. With this ITS sequence data we can find out the similarity of given microorganism with various gene bank NCBI, EMBL, DDBJ, PDB sequence database and calculate the statistical similarity of matches between rRNA databases and target fungus or algae.

We do 18s rRNA sequencing for Fungi or Yeast or Algal identification; selective 18S rRNA gene could be sequenced using the common ITS universal primers. For ~650 bps sequences proper combined contigs would be provided.

Our 18s rRNA sequencing services provides complete solution (DNA extraction, PCR amplification, Gel verification, Purification, Sequencing, Sequence assembling, Bioinformatics analysis (BLAST in Various Databases) and Construction of Phylogenetic tree. We also accept DNA samples, PCR products (Purified/Unpurified) for Sequencing. According to the samples charges may vary. For better result submit direct microbial culture plate or slant.

26s rRNA (D1/D2) Region Sequencing is used along with ITS region sequencing for the better identification. This service also available with us.

  • ITS Sequence raw data in different file format.
    • .ab1 - Sequence with chromatogram
    • .pdf - Sequence with Chromatogram
    • .txt - Only sequence
    • .fasta - Only Sequence
  • Assembled Sequence (Contig)
  • Blast result generated from All GenBank + NCBI+EMBL+DDBJ+PDB sequences.
  • Summary report comprises
    • Methodology for DNA Extraction, PCR, Sequencing and Bioinformatic analysis.
    • Sequence analysis report contains sequence read Normal Length; Q16 & Q20 read length, GC Content details.
    • Proper contigs sequence with coverage image
    • Final Result
    • Phylogeny Tree.
18s rRNA sequencing

We offer 18s rRNA gene sequencing used for the followings,

  • Fungal Identification
  • Yeast Identification
  • Algae Identification

18s rRNA is a part of ribosomal RNA. It is small eukaryotic ribosomal subunit (40S) component. The genes coding for 18S rRNA are referred as 18S rDNA.


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