Ribosomal RNA Sequencing Services

Analysis of 26s rRNA sequences is highly advantageous for species identification and phylogenetic analysis. The full sequencing technology makes it possible to identify an isolate from molecular phylogenetic analyses even when the DNA sequence from fungus and yeast are not registered in DNA data libraries and gene banks. 

At Yaazh Xenomics, we handle this highly challenging 26s rRNA gene sequencing technology with expertise and experience. We perform all processes- from DNA extraction, purification, PCR amplification, sequencing, and data analysis. Our processes hold immeasurable value in identifying biological resource species, raw materials, and biological contamination. 

We provide the sequencing of the ITS region and 26S rRNA (D1/D2 region) using the ITS1 and LR3R primers.

26s rRNA Gene Sequencing: The Results

The results from 26s rRNA sequencing reveal a common structural core despite the complete divergence in the length and sequence of the divergent regions. Our sequencing results reveal
1,600 bp or higher results from sequencing of the 18S rRNA region.
500 bp or longer results from the sequencing of the ITS region.
1,300bp or longer results from the sequencing of the 26S rRNA gene.

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