Analytical Support With Avant-Garde Facilities

Bioanalytical services play an inherent role in toxicology, clinical development, and determining compounds in discovery. Regulatory submissions and discovery studies rely on fully validated Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy analysis. Yaazh Xenomics conducts a full suite of analysis services specializing in quantitative method development, sample study, and method validation.

Our laboratory is South India’s most promising and reliable analytics provider, completely equipped to serve pharmaceutical industries in all stages of drug development. From developing immunoassays to supporting complex analytical studies, we are well-equipped to do it all because of our well-experienced staff, latest test equipment, and well-structured Quality Assurance approaches.

What You Gain With Our Analytics Services

We foster your analytical experiments and studies with validated biomarkers and proven assay development methods. When you ally with Yaazh, you are eligible for many benefits that come with our analytics services.
Focussed Services
Our laboratory operates with a streamlined focus on scientific analysis, compliance with regulations, exceptional customer service, and prompt delivery of accurate data. Teaming with Yaazh also gives you the support of highly experienced team collaboration.
Expert Support
We leverage the expertise of an entire crew of experienced scientists, project managers, and specialists to provide the right guidance and support for complex analytical procedures and power them right till they are fully complete.
Technological Expertise
Our lab is a well-equipped fortress, always primed and ready to handle an influx of samples. Thanks to the latest technologies available, we can work on huge sample volumes while delivering the same quality and precision to each client.

Our Range Of Analytics Services

We specialise in a wide array of qualitative MS / LC-MS, HPLC, and UPLC sample analysis methods and many more testing to achieve vital microbial parameters. We offer:
  • HPLC
    Our High-Performance Liquid Chromatography analysis is highly suited for detecting trace-level analyses, characterisation and identification of semi-volatile and non-volatile materials in various samples.
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    We provide the latest technology for performing Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography involving testing services for liquid chromatography at exceptionally high pressures. Our techniques outperform traditional HPLC methods in peak resolution.
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    Test as many samples as you can with our Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy or FTIR analysis techniques. Scan your test samples at our lab to identify organic, inorganic, and polymeric materials with our proven FTIR analysis methods.
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  • NMR
    We deploy the most advanced NMR spectroscopy analytical methods to provide qualitative and quantitative data for a sample composition. We also use the NMR spectroscopy to the content and purity of the samples for quality control.
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    Our extensive laboratory capacities allow us to do headspace sampling for volatile analytes and liquid injection sampling for semi-volatile analytes. Our extensive library of materials enables us to perform GC-MS to identify an infinite number of components.
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Analytics Services At Affordable Prices

Providing a comprehensive range of high-quality analytics services at affordable prices is our forte. Get your analytics done with professional precision only at Yaazh Xenomics.
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Yaazh Xenomics is dedicated to supporting taxonomists’ research in the molecular identification of organisms using DNA barcoding markers, Sanger sequencing, and Next-Generation DNA sequencing techniques.
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