Providing Clear-Cut Results With UPLC

Yaazh Xenomics’ team of researchers and scientists are abundantly experienced and proficient in using UPLC analyses to facilitate the betterment of food, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

As an upgraded technology, Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography harnesses the benefits of high resolution, sensitivity, more information, better sample throughput, and less separation time consumption. At Yaazh Xenomics, we offer a competent UPLC analysis platform that comes with high-performing attributes and the possibility to expand its utility to various research-based analyses.

Extending Our Capacities With UPLC

Putting any advanced technology to good use is the USP of our genomics services in South India. We are effectively armed with the finest DNA sequencing labs that enable us to deliver mission-critical, scalable solutions with UPLC. We deliver:

Qualitative analysis for the identification of individual compounds.
Quantitative analysis to measure trace amounts of compounds.
Quantitation and analysis of polymer additives.
Mapping of glycopeptides and peptides.
Testing of impurities and surfactant analysis.

We Fulfil Your Research Requirements

Experience first-class customer service with a super-fast turnaround and well-researched analytical guidance with Yaazh Xenomics.
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Yaazh Xenomics is dedicated to supporting taxonomists’ research in the molecular identification of organisms using DNA barcoding markers, Sanger sequencing, and Next-Generation DNA sequencing techniques.
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