Revealing Elusive Transcriptomic Details

The study of rRNA is imperative to understand evolution. The ~4000 to 5000bp long 28s rRNA is also vital in Medicine. It is the most conserved part of the eukaryotic cytoplasmic ribosomes and connected to the large (60S) ribosomal subunit in higher eukaryotes.

With our 28s rRNA sequencing, we elucidate transcriptomic details in the plant, mouse, rat and human sequences. Our solutions are also applicable to myriads of eukaryotic species. For RNA-Seq, we rely on next-generation sequencing. It allows researchers like you to detect and analyse expressions of both known and novel RNA.

Unique Results Captured

Our high-quality stranded genomics services produces millions of rRNA sequences so that you can

Get an overview of RNA-seq
Characterise alternative splicing
Get an overview of RNA-seq
Uncover and interpret complete transcripts
Conduct a successful RNA-seq experiment

Attain Project Success With 28s rRNA Sequencing

With Yaazh’s 28s rRNA sequencing, you capture unique gene expression reads and maximise the success of your project.

Get Sequenced
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