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Yaazh Transcript Services was started to give fast, efficient and affordable proofreading and editing services exclusively for the science professionals in India. We do proofreading and editing for all your scientific endeavours such as research paper publication, PhD thesis, dissertation, Master and Bachelor degree projects, journal publications, etc. We help you make your papers as unique as your DNA portraits. 

Yaazh is equipped with a team of well-experienced scientific editors to edit and proofread your papers with the help of the latest editing software. Our editors will review your paper thoroughly to build up an overall understanding of the author’s objective before they commence with the corrections and modifications. Then they read each sentence of your paper carefully, correcting grammatical errors, punctuation, English usage, rewriting awkward, weakly-worded sentences and phrases, and inserting essential transition sentences wherever required.

Our transcript services also include Plagiarism Checking of your papers to ensure there is no plagiarised content in your work. We do both manuals as well as software-assisted plagiarism checking.

Transcript Services:  Our Areas Of Expertise

We have several specialist editors for scientific proofreading who work on interdisciplinary areas of Life Science. Below is the entire list of life sciences, agriculture and related subject areas that Yaazh Transcripts have expertise in. If you do not see your subject area in the list, please contact us, and we’ll check the best editor for you.

Environmental Biosciences
Forensic Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Social Biosciences

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