Sanger Sequencing
A Cost-Effective Analysis

The process of sanger DNA Sequencing or chain termination method, as it is also referred to, is one of our cost-effective DNA analysis techniques. In sanger sequencing, we make use of dideoxy-nucleotides and normal nucleotides. The difference is that the latter has Hydrogen instead of the Hydroxyl group on the third carbon. 

Therefore, when incorporated in a DNA sequence during replication, it stops more nucleotides from being attached. This happens because a normal nucleotide cannot bond with a ddNTP, terminating the chain. Besides sanger-based DNA sequencing, Yaazh Xenomics offers genotyping and DNA fragment analysis services. 

Exceptional Benefits Of Sanger Sequencing

Assured Quality

We cater to high-quality sequencing of upto 1000 bases/reaction read length as opposed to 800 bases. We leverage cutting-edge and proprietary technology too.

Consistent Results

We deliver consistent, solid data on templated like GC-rich areas, hairpins and more. With Yaazh Xenomics, you can always be assured of precise results.

Dependable Team

We utilise trained team members with universal and free vector primers for DNA analysis. They have the expertise and experience to offer you reliable and accurate data.

Quick Turnaround

We offer you a quick turnaround time, troubleshooting and free advice with each analysis. Whatever be the assistance you need, we will be happy to help.

Quick Sanger Sequencing Process

The samples Yaazh uses for the Sanger DNA sequencing include plasmid, cosmid, genomic DNA, purified PCR products, un-purified PCR products, and single-stranded phage DNA.


We use chain termination PCR to make manifold copied of the DNA sequence under observation. Each oligonucleotide copy terminates at random length using a 5’-ddNTP.


We perform gel electrophoresis on the DNA samples. On application of a current, the negatively charged oligonucleotides move towards the other end of the gel matrix.


We read the gel to determine the DNA sequence of the sample. Because the synthesised DNA direction is 5’ to 3’, every last dideoxy-nucleotide correspond to a specific nucleotide in the original sample. 

Full-Package Sanger Sequencing Services

At Yaazh Xenomics, we offer you a plethora of Sanger Sequencing services. Take a look at the list of services right here

Single read sequencing
Microbial identification
Fungal pure culture (18S or ITS rDNA)
Bacterial pure culture (16S rDNA)
Cloning of PCR products
DNA fragments cloning
Primer walking projects
High-throughput sequencing (MTP in 96 well formats)
Yeast pure culture (18S or ITS rDNA)
PCR amplification and purification
Primer design & synthesis
Genes and/or genomic regions re-sequencing
DNA isolation, including large constructs
Complex samples qualitative identification
Library services (normalised cDNA, shotgun, cosmid/fosmid)

The Specialist In Sanger Sequencing

Would you like to avail our expert Sanger DNA sequencing services? Talk to us for professional assistance.

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