Powering Scientific Discoveries With Sequencing

Discover the genome, unravel its intricacies, and make unprecedented insights with Yaazh Xenomics' sequencing services. We redefine your sequencing workflow in biomarker research, epidemiology and disease surveillance, gene expression studies, transcriptome research, genomic profiling, and identification of variants. 

Yaazh Xenomics is an indispensable sequencing service provider for many of India's leading Life Sciences industries, research institutes, and academic institutions. Our services are powered by an extensive genomic knowledge base and sequence coverage.  With us, you also have the assurance of resourceful customer support access and consultation services to refine your research workflow.

Advantages Of Our Sequencing Services

Yaazh Xenomics has a nationwide reputation for delivering sequencing services that uncover in-depth insights in biomarker research, viral epidemiology, genomic profiling, and gene expression analysis. Here are reasons why our sequencing services are the most sought-after

Advanced Technologies

At Yaazh, we upgrade our services and methodologies with the latest technological amenities to keep ourselves ahead of the rapidly evolving sequencing and bioinformatics solutions to deliver the best for our customers. 

Diverse Collaboration

We support a large number of research institutes, testing labs, and diagnostic companies that endorse our unique and proprietary methods and approaches in sequencing. We also cover an extensive network of clients across India and abroad.

Multiple Applications

Our sequencing services are a lifeline for many applications from single gene to small gene panels, genome and transcriptome research, fragment analysis, disease surveillance and a host of other critically important processes. 

Expert Sequencing With Innovative Expertise

Unlock the potential of single reads and complete double-strand DNA and RNA sequencing with our top-quality sequencing services.
  • DNA Sequencing

    Yaazh Xenomics is one of the most trusted research partners for providing Sanger DNA Sequencing services to leading pharmaceutical, healthcare, biomedical, and government-aided research institutions across India. Our labs are primed with a single tube, 96 well plate, and other latest tech paraphernalia required to handle DNA sequencing complexities. 

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    16s rRNA Sequencing

    Yaazh Xenomics offers 16s rRNA sequencing for Bacteria and Actinomycetes identification, an important tool for advanced genome research. Our 16s rRNA sequencing services provide a complete range of solutions, including PCR amplification, DNA extraction, gel verification, purification, sequencing, sequence assembling, bioinformatics analysis, and the construction of a phylogenetic tree.

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    18s rRNA Sequencing
    To cater to the growing popularity and demand of 18s rRNA sequencing for the study of algae and fungi species, we use the ITS1, ITS2, ITS3, ITS4, and ITS5 primer combinations. We help researchers assess the statistical similarity between various gene banks like the DDBJ, SMBL, & NCBI, rRNA databases, and PDB sequence databases with this ITS sequence data.
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  • 26s rRNA Sequencing

    We provide the ITS region's sequencing and 26S rRNA (D1/D2 region) using the ITS1 & LR3R primers. Additionally, we also provide the analysis of D1/D2 26S rDNA sequences, enabling species identification and permit phylogenetic analysis. Our 26S rDNA D1/D2 sequencing helps identify the genus or family of the isolate from molecular phylogenetic analyses. 

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    28s rRNA Sequencing

    Our services in 28s rRNA sequencing enable deeper research in the field of medical sciences and evolutionary studies. 28s rRNA is the most conserved region in the eukaryotic cytoplasmic ribosomes and is associated with the large (60S) ribosomal subunit in higher eukaryotes equivalents in other species. 

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    COI Sequencing
    Our COI sequencing services provide DNA extraction, gel verification, sequence assembling, purification, bioinformatics analysis, PCR amplification and construction of the phylogenetic tree. We also sequence DNA samples and PCR products that are pure or impure. Our charges vary as per the samples.
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  • Customised Gene Study
    Our team of scientists lend their support and expertise for the customised sequencing of any organism or gene of interest as requested. We request researchers to provide your details and references to align our support with your mission in genomic data collection, genetic testing, and big data analysis.
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    Primer Walking
    Our Primer Walking service is invaluable for single or double-stranded sequence identification of long fragments of upto 2~15kb. It is done with plasmid DNA or PCR product that requires more than a single primer extension sequencing to read it. Our delivery time for Primer Walking is one week i 1~1.5kb. Our service includes quality control of DNA, verification of reference sequence and synthesis of specific primers.
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Yaazh Xenomics is dedicated to supporting taxonomists’ research in the molecular identification of organisms using DNA barcoding markers, Sanger sequencing, and Next-Generation DNA sequencing techniques.
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