Next-Generation Sequencing For High Throughput DNA

No genomics laboratory or research institute is complete without offering Next-Generation Sequencing- an outstandingly revolutionary sequencing technology that has taken the entire realm of biological sciences by storm. Yaazh Xenomics serves as a trusted source for a comprehensive range of NGS services indispensable in today’s research workflow.

Yaazh’s NGS is a superb alternative to traditional DNA sequencing technologies. Our NGS services deliver what every research student needs- ultra-high throughput, speed, and scalability to support diverse applications and make path-breaking discoveries in the field of genomics. We are one of the leading Next Generation Sequencing service providers in India, offering all-inclusive NGS services using a high range of platforms, including Nanopore, Illumina and Ion Torrent.

Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms

Our cutting-edge NGS platforms provide constant support and deliver superior quality data at attractive pricing. Our NGS platforms include:

Nanotechnology has rendered the possibility of real-time RNA and DNA sequencing, allowing you to achieve ultra-long sequencing reads with high uniformity. Our nanopore sequencing platform offers upto 99% accuracy and is a proven solution for multiple assembly projects.

Ion Torrent

Better known as the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine, this state-of-the-art sequencer is a blessing for the rapid sequencing of DNA and RNA, for assessing gene expression and high-quality processing data within a few hours.

Illumina HiSeq
Powering our NGS services is the ultra-modern Illumina HiSeq sequencing machines that deliver high throughput sequencing. These devices are also an affordable alternative for metagenome and transcriptome sequencing projects.
Illumina MiSeq

The Illumina Mi Seq is considered one of the most power-packed sequencing machines that guarantee high throughput sequencing. Transcriptome and metagenome projects can be made affordable and quick with Illumina Mis Seq.

Our NGS Processes

Our team can deploy flawless Next-Generation Sequencing processes - an art that has been perfected with years of expertise and experience.


Capillary Electrophoresis.

Reassembling of reads.
Rapid sequencing of DNA base pairs.
Data production in a single sequencing run.

Yaazh NGS Services

Next-Generation Sequencing is one of our excellent services, and we are committed to delivering a full-suite of sequencing services that include:

  • Whole Genome Sequencing
    An indispensable genomic research tool for identifying inherited disorders, characterising cancer-inducing mutations, and tracking viral epidemiology and disease surveillance. WGS is also an economical solution that produces large volumes of data.
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    Exome Targeted Sequencing
    An instrumental, cost-effective method for sequencing protein-coding regions of the human genome to uncover the disease-related variants. Exome targeted sequencing brings to light the lesser-known facets of the human genome.
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    Transcriptome Sequencing
    High throughput sequencing technology to access the transcripts in a specific cell or tissues and monitor the changes in the expression levels of individual transcripts. Transcriptome sequencing is used in drug development and life-saving research.
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  • Epigenome Sequencing
    A crucial sequencing method to assess epigenetic changes in gene expression to uncover the development in the normal cell. Epigenome sequencing helps researchers discover how lifestyle and environment induce epigenetic changes.
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    Metagenome Sequencing
    A powerful tool to study microbial communities in diverse environments, metagenome sequencing is a relatively new platform to identify genetic material from many samples taken from various sources.
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Empower Your Research With Our NGS Services

Allow us to facilitate your research studies with our Next-Generation Sequencing services and our in-house expertise.

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