Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism(AFLP)

The AFLP is a three-step technique done by selective PCR amplification of the restricted fragments from the genome of a DNA. The three steps are the restriction of the DNA and bonding of oligonucleotide adapters, selective amplification of restriction fragments, and gel analysis of the amplified fragments.

The scientific team at Yaazh Xenomics specialises in achieving PCR amplification by using the adapter and restriction site sequence. We can amplify approximately a hundred restriction fragments that are detected by denaturing polyacrylamide gels. Over the years, we are one of the most sought-after laboratories to process the AFLP technique for the molecular fingerprinting of DNA of any complexity or origin.

Powerful Applications Of AFLP

The AFLP analysis is a highly reliable, quick, and robust technique to generate many marker fragments without using any sequence data. The technique is increasingly becoming an indispensable solution for several applications, some of which are mentioned below.
Polymorphism Screening

AFLP makes it possible to screen unlimited numbers of polymorphism by saturating specific genome regions to clone target genes.

Phylogenetic Studies
AFLP analysis is extremely useful for phylogenetic studies and differentiates the features between varieties of the same species.
Gene Isolation

Screening multiple pools of plasma DNA from several clones, thereby enabling the rapid isolation of genes linked to markers, is made feasible by AFLP. 

Scoring Semi-Dominant Markers
Increases the possibility of scoring semi-dominant markers by using software to image analyse fluorescent PCR products developed by key genes.

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