Sequencing The Coding Regions

The exome is a functionally relevant DNA sequence that encodes proteins. It accounts only for 1-2% of the complete genome. This technique utilises the target enrichment and is a cost-effective alternative to the Whole Genome Sequence technique. Target region sequencing involves the isolation of genomic regions of interest from the sample library, enabling systematic detection of somatic variants.

Exome sequencing is used for the genetic analysis of disease and tumours and normal paired analysis and Variant Calling (SNPs/InDels). We also provide different target enrichment tools. At Yaazh Xenomics, we offer whole exome sequencing services with high rapid turnaround time and superior quality data.

Platforms We Offer

MiSeq system
Ion Proton/PGM.

Exome Target Sequencing Workflow

Avail Comprehensive WES Services

Yaazh Xenomics offers whole exome sequencing workflows and target sequencing that enhance the process of uncovering unidentified genetic diseases.
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