Nanopore Technology: For Real-Time Data Streaming

Nanopore sequencing is the method of third-generation sequencing. At Yaazh Xenomics, our nanopore sequencing services are methodically designed to aid insightful research about real-time DNA sequencing. Nanopore sequencing works by detecting the electric current modulation when nucleic acids are passed through a protein nanopore. It is one of our genomic services that offer multiple benefits.

Nanopore sequencing is a new-age technology that delivers real-time analysis with the potential of ultra-long read lengths for DNA / RNA sequencing. The technology is highly preferred by researchers because of its scalability for small to high throughput applications.

Nanopore Sequencing: What It Delivers

Our proprietary nanopore technology gives us the advantage to obtain reliable outcomes with the shortest turnaround time. There are other benefits that come from opting for Yaazh Xenomics’ nanopore sequencing.
Varied Applications
Outstanding technology that is deployable for genetic research, biopharma production, surveillance of environmental organisms, clinical research, cancer research, and the development of diagnostic assays.
Technology and Support

Extensive support of the best-in-class scientific crew, domestics and international collaborations, state-of-the-art nanopore technologies, and the latest sequencing devices to provide the best workflows.

Real-Time Analysis
Real-time analysis of long-read sequencing and lesser time requirement for sequencing library preparation for infectious disease diagnostics. It can easily reach a long read length >5 kbp with a speed of 1 bp/ns.
Reliable Outcomes
The enzyme involvement is prevented to a great extent in nanopore sequencing. This implies that the sequencing process will be less sensitive to any temperature variations throughout the sequencing technique, thereby assuring a reliable outcome.

Nanopore Sequencing Devices

At Yaazh Xenomics, we have at our disposal a full suite of the latest nanopore sequencing devices that yield scalable sample throughput for multiple researches and requirements. Empowering us to stay ahead of the game is our powerful Oxford Nanopore Minion, a portable sequencing device that facilitates our work in many ways:
Helps in the rapid detection of viral pathogens.
Enables food safety monitoring.
Permits genome assembly improvement.
Offers ultra-long read lengths.
Streams real-time data.
Provides experimental analysis and workflows.
Allows immediate access to data and sample status.

Cost-Effective Nanopore Sequencing

Yaazh Xenomics offers cost-effective packs for Next Generation Sequencing, Microbial Whole Genome Sequencing and Nanopore Sequencing at affordable rates.
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