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Clinical, medical, and biological research is invaluable and very challenging. That is why every research scholar needs the support of a pioneer like Yaazh Xenomics to simplify the challenges to make insightful discoveries. We offer customised services designed to help you gain accurate insights in faster, easier, and more reliable ways. 

We offer it all- use of manual or automated nucleic purification technologies, real-time and digital PCR, detection by end-point PCR, automated Next-Generation Sequencing platforms, data collection and analysis, and flawless interpretation. Collaborate with us to make remarkable improvements in your biological discoveries and translational research.

What We Offer

At Yaazh Xenomics, our doors are always open to customers, students, and research scholars who require specialised services. Our team is committed to source the products, make available the required services and ensure unassailable support. We offer:

Nucleic acid extraction / purification kits.
PCR kits for Research & Diagnostics.
Immunoassay kits like ELISA, CLIA.
Cell culture products.
Protein purification kit.
Protein analysis kit.
Other products as per customer requirement.

We Are Ready To Help You Right Away

Waste no time in availing our customised services. Make the most of our superior technology to get outstanding results that give you worldwide recognition.
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Yaazh Xenomics is dedicated to supporting taxonomists’ research in the molecular identification of organisms using DNA barcoding markers, Sanger sequencing, and Next-Generation DNA sequencing techniques.
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