Genome Sequencing: A Comprehensive Tool

Yaazh Xenomics uses a diverse spectrum of ingenious technologies and scientific solutions to accurately determine a particular organism's genome's complete DNA sequence. Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is done with exceptionally high levels of quality and compliance. We have unmatched expertise,evidence-based knowledge, and an excellent Whole Genome Sequencing lab to facilitate the detailed evaluation of the genetic variations of a single strain.

Types Of Whole Genome Sequencing

Yaazh Xenomics has an entire array of WGS services apt for multiple samples and diverse sequencing strategies.
Whole Genome: De Novo Sequencing
De Novo sequencing is done on a novel genome without the support of a reference sequence. The advanced technology we use at Yaazh Xenomics enables us to deploy multiple sequencing platforms such as MiSeq, HiSeq, and GS-FLX for generating De Novo reference sequences. Our De Novo Sequencing approach enables the easy detection of structural variants like inversions, translations, and deletions.
Whole Genome Resequencing
WGR or Whole Genome Resequencing has one primary objective: to identify the differences between various individuals' genomes with that of a reference genome. Our scientists successfully obtain a complete index of mutations from the genome sequence at our Whole Genome Sequencing Lab. It includes SNPs or Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, CNVs or Copy Number Variations, somatic mutations, and insert-deletions or Indels.

Whole Genome Sequence Tests We Offer

Hi Teq X Ten
MiSeq (Paired-end, Mate Pair)
GS-FLX Titanium / Plus.

Technology Pipline For Whole Genome De Novo Sequencing And Re Sequencing

One-Stop-Shop For Integrated Genomic Services

Yaazh Xenomics offers you Whole Genome Sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing at competitive prices.
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